Sunday, October 15, 2006

Photo Vista Panorama

If you've ever been to a real estate page lately you may have noticed that some are offering 360 degree virtual tours of rooms in the home. Ever wondered if you could make your own. Well you can. Photo Vista provides a 15 day trial to let you make a few. Just take your digital camera and shoot photos in all directions at a single point. Make sure there is lots of overlap. Then use Autostitch, a free program I've mentioned earlier that magically stitches all of the photos together seemlessly. Now open up that generated pano photo in PhotoVista. You can then save it (choosing the drop down options on save) as a Java enabled panorama group of files. These 4 files can be uploaded to your webpage for all to see. Launching the webpage link after it's uploaded will give others a chance to virtually be at the location you shot at. It's lots of fun. GET YOUR VIRTUAL TOUR TRIAL NOW

GPS TrackMaker

Well, if you've followed along with my GPS related posts you'll know I was still struggling on how to get Google Earth data out in a format to put back into a GPS without upgrading to Google Earth Plus. I finally figured it out. In Google Earth you can save a bunch of waypoint data created inside Google Earth as a KML file. Free GPS TrackMaker can open up KML files. It can save them as GPX files. GPX files can be openned up by G7TOWIN, another free GPS program I've talked about in the past. It can upload waypoints to Garmin GPS's for example or save the file as a .LOC format that EasyGPS can use to upload. Sounds complicated I know but it does save a lot of time if you do it. Now you can explore the world in Google Earth, mark points of interest and then through this sequence easily upload all of these points to your GPS. Do forget to first download your current waypoints from your GPS into G7TOWIN so they can be merged before uploading (if not you will blow away the waypoints in your GPS with the new points of interest only. GPS TrackMaker

Saturday, October 14, 2006

OneStat Free Hit Counter and Web Analytics

So everyone is asking, so who visits your blog or website. How often and what's important to their visit. All good questions. Many people either get a free stats service with their home page or they end up having to purchase additional functionality. Well here is a service that's free. Simply register, copy the custom code it generates, and paste it into any page you wish to track. That simple. OneStat Free Hit Counter and Web Analytics

Thursday, October 12, 2006 - Optical Illusions and Magic Tricks

You may have seen a few of these over the years. Here is a collection of a lot of them. Great fun. - Optical Illusions and Magic Tricks - Death Forecast

Sounds pretty morbid yes but the neat thing is figuring out what you can change in your life and what effect it can have on the outcome. Could literally change your life for the better. - Death Forecast - Get Free Makeovers Online

Fan of those makeover shows. Why sit on your keester on the couch when you can get in on the action and diy your look. Check it out. - Get Free Makeovers Online

Funny eBay Auctions Weird & Bizarre Auctions From Across The Globe

OK, so you love ebay right? It has great stuff to buy right? But get this, some people try to sell the nuttiest stuff online...and people actually buy it. Go figure. See some of the kookiest ones here. Funny eBay Auctions Weird & Bizarre Auctions From Across The Globe - Make Free Fun Phone Calls

So you are REALLY cheap and can't afford a phone call and the other person has no email. So you say what can little ol' me do. Well you could use this service to send a message via some robotic voice to a phone number. Crazy yes, but neat too. - Make Free Fun Phone Calls - Find music by tapping the rhythm of the song's melody.

Ok, I think this is a neat site...if it actually worked. Maybe I suck at keeping a beat or maybe the database is flawed but I tried 10 different songs and only once did something come up similar to what I tapped. Give it a whirl and maybe you'll do better. - Find music by tapping the rhythm of the song's melody.