Monday, December 29, 2003

Many-to-Many is another interesting blog on social software. Cory begins to break down where its going wrong which opens up new thinking on what's next. Many-to-Many

Alex Gault's Blog is probably the best I've found that discusses social networks and collaboration tools. Network Edge

Ok, I admit, I can't completely get my head around this concept yet but I'm going to try. They say that the web is now evolving with the birth of blogging etc... to a metaweb. Read on here to find out more. "The Metaweb" -- The Next Big Thing

Well, looky what I found. Another viral community networking site. Yup, Tribe. Makes you want to make sure your "tribe" doesn't voote you off the island though. Welcome to Tribe

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Nice little history on Viral Communities or Social Network Software. Yes, viral communities were hot back in 1999 but one by one that bit the dust. Now they are back (see my posts from yesterday). Why will they stick this time - check it out - Are Viral Communities Back?

An interesting site that filters through all the junk that's floating around the net and chooses the coolest, funniest stuff - from so-called viral marketing video clips, to photoshopped pictures, silly jokes, funny games and urban legends. ViralMeister

Here is a neat networking idea - within any large company there is no doubt an answer to any operational problem. The real problem is finding the person with the answer. Here is an intranet solution to create a network of intra-company experts to solve problems. Nice biz case for proving this in. AskMe

Here's a nice list of the essentials when heading out into the woods for a long hike. Most of this is just common sense but it's nice to have a check list just to make sure you don't forget anything. The Ten Essentials + Four - Backpacking Gear

My last post today - check out one of the most popular FREE personal firewalls on the net - download Zone Alarm.

Ahhhh, another great use of P2P networking. IP telephony has been around for awhile now but slap on the template of P2P and you have free internet calling on Skype.

If you are interested in more info on Social Networking on the Web you can always check out Yahoo! Groups : webcommunities.

One more twist on social networking - combining it with chat and creating a GUI that lets you visually explore the network of others you are connected with. Seems more like something you'd use in a personal setting and the chances for getting irritating with one bad apple is there for sure. From a mimmicking real life perspective this has the potential to make for an interesting on-line social "party" where everyone comes with all of their friends for a specific time and all then "let the networking begin". Controlled timeframes on social interaction using this software, would help apply some boundaries on something that now could get way out of control. Huminity social networking & chat software. 6-degree chat! - Software

Here's yet another twist on social networking software, a site more squarely focused on hiring. Yup, think about it, when you want to hire someone wouldn't you rather get a referal from someone you trust (or someone that someone you trusts refers). That's the logic behind LinkedIn.

Here is a free site on helping people network. I've spoken (no pun intended) about Spoke already but here is yet another twist.Ryze business networking. An on the personal friendship networking side there is also Friendster and Ringo.

This will be an interesting site to watch. They give ordinary folks the ability to sell information for micropayments. It's hard to see in some ways how it could work but there are certainly elements that have some merit. Perhaps, like the real world, a trusted source needs to create a publication with groups of topics that people would subscribe to for a fixed fee per month. Or, maybe individuals could create their own personalized publication and thus request the same writers to write addition articles for the same fee each week or month. Hmmmm, something to think about. RedPaper

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Ah yes, the king of Reality TV, Survivor. And soon, Survivor All-Stars. This is the ultimate show for "personal marketing". It's about selling yourself in a cut-throat world. Truly an amazing petrie (am I spelling this correctly) dish to watch. Yup, maybe another guilty pleasure but you can learn a lot about the human condition with this one for sure.CBS

Ok, Ok. One of my guilty pleasures. One of the funniest shows on TV. Love the constant "pop up" commentaries on the dates - it's Pop up Video goes YukYuks. Pure fun - nothin else to it. Blind Date TV Show

I recently saw a list of the top 10 most watched shows in America. MG and I don't watch a single one. I guess that means we are no longer mainstream. Well, what we do watch are a lot of shows on TLC. MG takes over the TV on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights with TLC's While You Were Out and Trading Spaces. While I don't mind the shows I'm getting tired of the 50 minutes of lead up to the final 10 minutes of comparisons of before and after (like curling - drink beers for the first 9 ends then compete in the 10th). A show we both equally like is What Not to Wear. It's amazing how a few changes can better match a person's outside to what's inside. Check it out. TLC :: What Not to Wear And for another more extreme version there's always Extreme Makeover

Lovin' the monkey! What a great survey tool for biz or just for funzies. I've check this baby out compared to others and it looks like the best one on the market. And the price - how the heck can you go wrong.

Friday, December 19, 2003

This is one wicked idea. Are you familiar with the 7 degrees of separation to Kevin Bacon? Well, upload your email contacts and try to see how many connections it would take to reach him, or someone like Billy Gates. Very cool. Spoke Software