Thursday, June 24, 2004

New Brunswick is home to some amazing caves. Many of these were only known to a few and that was a shame. Now with a GPS and proper equipment and knowledge they are available to all. There are a few more to uncover, and darn it all, Aquanut2 and I are going to try our best to locate them if we can. If not I'm sure we can count on Ursa Major. Enjoy.

  • White Caves
  • Underground Lake Cave
  • Howes Cave
  • Lost Brook Cave
  • Harbell's Cave
  • Owen's Lake Cave
  • Green Head Cave
  • Dalling's Cave (and Ice Caves in Winter)
  • Kitt's Cave
  • Chantal's Cave
  • Berryton Cave
  • Glebe Pot
  • Glebe Mine & Pit
  • Monday, June 14, 2004

    OK, I've tried using a "pogostick" before and my legs felt like rubber. With the flybar I can imagine I wouldn't last a jump. Oh those crazy kids - take a look. Flybar