Sunday, October 26, 2003

This was a wonderful 3 part series on the differences between healing and curing. Basically, curing is what doctors do to help set the environment up in your body to begin healing. Healing is what your body does. What was very intriguing was Jean-Charles Crombez's ideas on what can block or stop the healing process in us. He talks about the three blockers being worry, dead-end thinking (hopelessness) and loneliness. Coincidently, we know of many people who when faced with a life threatening disease, sometimes also fall into depression during the healing process. Think of it, depression contains at least two of these blockers so maybe it could actually slow down or stop the healing process. What's also interesting, while Jean-Charles Crombez is not advocating it, is that religion can provide some folks with an antidote to all of these blockers. Just think, even if someone is stranded on an island alone they can still pray to God and feel a connection (battling loneliness). If they are worrying they can say a prayer and ask for guidance or good outcomes. The biggest dead-end thinking of all is assuming that when you die that's it - belief in God is believing that their is more beyond our time here on the old planet. I wish this had an audio link to listen to but it will serve as a reminder for me in the future should I find the need to order the program. CBC Radio | Ideas | Features | Ideas About Healing

It's great to hear more publicity on my favorite sport. CBC Radio One - Maritime Noon interview on Geocaching

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Hey, if you like advertising like I do this site is heaven. Check out how advertising has reflected or shaped each generation. - the world's largest archive of classic print ads!

Ah, the good ol' days of TV. Nothin' like it. Take a look back on what we actually used to watch. Hard to believe what some TV and ad execs came up with. - Feelin' Old School

Friday, October 17, 2003

Sick of the thought of filling up the landfill with printers that don't seem to print anymore. Well maybe you don't have to. I went to Staples today to do my annual purchase of a new printer. Why? Because the print head on my current Canon was no longer working properly and you simply can't buy a new print head cheaper than buying a new printer. The difference this year is that I also picked up a tip on cleaning print heads this afternoon. As a result, I will be returning my new printer, still in the box, and keeping not only my current printer but the previous one which I dragged out of the basement and brought back to life. The trick? Not only remove the print head (on Canon) and clean it with rubbing alcohol but also remove the ink cartridges and pour a bit of rubbing alcohol into the print head where the cartridges usually go. Now, with alcohol inside put the print head back into the printer, without the ink cartridges, and print 10 or more pages of content. The alcohol will be drawn through the print head and will clean up any gunk. Now take out the print head, empty the alcohol, wipe the heads again and put the cartridges back. I recommend doing a deep cleaning from the printer maintenance screen as well as a new print head alignment. Works like a charm and keeps another printer out of the landfill.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Having trouble figuring out what your newest cache should be rated as? Well, this site just might help. Geocache Rating System