Saturday, October 30, 2004

JAlbum rocks! I've been wanting to share photos on the net on my own website but I certainly didn't want to script the whole thing. JAlbum is so cool because it's a application you download and run offline with a great selection of templates. You drag the folder of photos you want onto the app, select the template and click make album. A minute later you've created a cool album of photos and all the HTML code you need to make it work. Now click to upload it to your own website and you are DONE! Awesome, and it's free. JAlbum - free web photo album software

Funny, I was thinking about this the other day. Why isn't there a map site out there that gives you GPS co-ordinates to the locations you search for. Prayer answered. There is and it's called Multimap. Finally, someone realized that if you have the ability to pinpoint something on a digital map that same technology would be able to offer up the co-ordinates. Great job guys. - Online Maps to Everywhere

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Ok, I LOVE Google. I have ever since my first search. I love the Google Toolbar and I use GMail. Trying to find an image well I'm off to Google Image Search. Now, the piece de resistance - Google Desktop Search. Yup, download this puppy a it indexes your entire computer like it does the internet at large. When complete it allows you to search for keywords in just about anything - and in under a second. Whoa! I'm a big fan of Lookout for Outlook for searching but I'm afraid that with Google Desktop search installed, Lookout is out. I checked into the privacy concerns one might have and it looks ok to me - if you completely trust what Google says in the privacy statement. I have no reason not to. Check it out and download today. Google Desktop Search

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Well, it just wouldn't be fair if I only just picked on Billy Gates. Yes, why not take aim at good old Norton Anti-Virus. Love the product buuuut it's probably due for a subscription update again. Yup, more bucks out the door. But wait, now open source, I say it again, saves the day. ClamWin Anti-Virus is the open source equivalent to Norton and it's FREE folks. Check it out. ClamWin Free Antivirus

Ok, so now it's been 7 years since I got MS Office 97. Yikes time flies. So, you say, what features could have possibly been added to this fine product. Probably lots but I don't have the bucks to pay for an upgrade. Once again, open source to the rescue. Open Office is the open source equivalent (and more I might add) of MS Office. It can work with all the MS Office file types both loading and saving so you won't skip a beat. And it comes with PDF creation build right in. It's built on the old Sun StarOffice base and it seems to be rock solid. Ya gotta love it. Find a broadband connection somewhere and download this baby. OpenOffice

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Well you know I love the open source. Here is the ultimate collection of open source programs. Yup, just bought a PC and bank account is empty. Can't afford to pay Billy Gates more cash for programs etc... There is no need with Open Source to the rescue. All these programs, all free to use, thanks to wonderful people who slave in their spare time to clone the favorites. Check it out. It could save you 100's of bucks. GNUWin II Programs - Open Source and Free Programs

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Bye Bye Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. Hello Firefox and Thunderbird. I'd tried a Mozilla browser a couple of years ago and was disappointed with the speed and lack of everything. Not this time. The open source folks have outdone themselves. Firefox BLOWS away IE and Thunderbird is a nice replacement to Outlook Express with it's improved Junk mail filtering. I'm now going to convert everyone I know. Conversion is easy because both programs import everything from the Microsoft programs. Once you download and set up both don't forget to download oodles of application extensions to make it more powerful. Rock on!!! Firefox

Ursa Major has found another cave for all to discover. Check it out! Tabor's Caves