Thursday, April 29, 2004

Speaking of books that rock, Seth Godin has done a great job of explaining how an ideavirus works. Very cool and also a free download. Unleashing the IdeaVirus

This book rocks!!! I love the thinking. Turns marketing on it's head and makes you think about what marketing really is. And it is a free download.The Cluetrain Manifesto

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Ooooooh, I found another neat site (comes to me via a friend). Yup, you can look for deals in Atlantic Canada and the rest of Canada at this site. Register and you can see asking prices. Repossessed cars, trucks, vans, boats, aircraft and more from RepoDepo!

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Ok, this is a tool that's overdue. I can remember as a kid staying up late on Saturday night to tape the latest new releases on a hip CBC radio show out of Winnipeg. It was like an early version of surfing - audio style. Then eons later along came internet radio - now with clear digital signals but alas no ability to record it. Now you can. Check this out. Replay Radio - Internet Radio Recorder

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

OK, so you want to find out the best way to buy a used vehicle in Atlantic Canada. Well consider some of these tools as part of your bag of tricks. First, check out the vehicles coming up at the Adesa auctions in Moncton and Halifax. Most people don't know that you can check out the inventory listing yourself. Adesa Go to this link and select the Canada button. Then select Moncton or Halifax. Then select one or more auction dates and search. Viola, a list of the vehicles to be sold. Now for the next trick. Not sure about the history on these vehicles. Well you can cut and paste the VIN# from the vehicle you want to find out more on into CarFax. This will tell you if there are any potential records of problems on the vehicle. Here is a potential hint. When I did a search on a 98 Caravan it came back with 5 records. I subscribed to the service only to discover the 5 records in question were only 5 regular registration renewals. Yeah, like that's a real help. So, I'm not sure if this theory would always work but now when I'm doing early searches (before I'm serious about buying) I simply count the number of years the vehicle could be re-registered and if its equal to the "records" found on the report then I make a preliminary assumption that things are probably ok. The cool thing about this early search is that it confirms the exact deets on the vehicle in case the listing missed something. Finally, you want to know what a dealer might consider this vehicle to be worth when bidding on it for you at the auction (oh yeah, this is the best part. Some used car dealers will look for vehicles at auctions for you and will bid to your specs. If you win they will take a flat fee over paid invoice and the vehicle is yours. Yep, a flat fee. I've negotiated with two dealers for a fee of only $500 so start there.) For the black book price range (the typical trade in price for a vehicle) go here via the Toyota website Trade-in link. Click on the link for the Black Book site and follow the directions. This is a great way to understand the REAL price of a vehicle. This is also a great link to use when you are trading in your vehicle or looking to deal on a regular "off the lot" car. Good luck and happy car buying. I hope this helps.